Medical Representative (BB-CF3DB)

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Job Description :
1. Meets or exceeds individual sales target set by the company through scientific product promotion to key customers 通过向重点客户进行科学的产品推广完成公司设定的个人销售目标
2. Acts to meet customer expectations by sustaining regular contact, demonstrating proficiency in product knowledge and delivery of
scientific services in order to build superior relationships with key stakeholders 通过维持经常联系,熟练掌握产品知识并提供科学服务来建立与核心利益相关者的卓越关系做出满足客户期望的行动
3. Organizes scientific lectures and prepares speaker contracts 组织科学讲座并准备相关合同
4. Organizes roundtable meetings to facilitate scientific discussions among key experts in the assigned sales area 组织圆桌会议以促进在指定销售区域核心专家间的科学讨论
5. Assists the Marketing Department to promote the organization of regional meetings and assists the supervisor to complete bidding procedures and health services 协助市场部门促进地区会议的组织并协助主管完成招标程序和健康服务
6. Provides accurate market information feedback and updates information in various databases, including the daily documentation of his/her activities in the CRM system 提供准确的市场信息反馈并更新包括其在CRM系统中活动的日常文档在内的不同数据库的信息
7. Participates in special projects such as major promotions, new product launches, and new marketing initiatives 参加特殊项目,如:大型促销活动,推出新产品和新的营销举措
8. Ensures his/her individual actions are aligned with Bayer's LIFE values, relevant compliance guidelines and other company regulations 确保其个人行为符合拜耳之LIFE价值观、相关的合规政策及其他公司规定
- University degree and above, major in Medicine 大学本科以上学历,医药学专业
- Two to three years (+/-) of working experience in pharmaceutical sales 药品销售二至三年左右工作经验
- Knowledge of products, market place, and customer base 掌握产品、市场和客户群相关知识
- Good business sensitivity, learning ability and sales skills 良好的业务敏感度、学习能力和销售能力
- Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, proactive 出色的沟通与人际交往能力,积极
- Ability to establish good relationships with medical experts in medical field 与医药领域的医学专家建立良好关系的能力
- Good innovation and development capacity 良好的创新与发展能力
- Customer-orientation客户导向
- Good ability of self-motivation 良好的自我激励能力
- Speech skills, good coordination and organization skills 良好的口头表达能力、协调和组织能力

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