E-MTI Manufacturing Engineering Project Manager (材料開發工程師) (BB-14B18)

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1. Master's degree in a matrial-related field,with a minimum of 5 years of material related project experience
2. Proficient in theoretical knowledge of materials for consumer electronics (steel, aluminum, titanium alloys, etc.)
3. Deep understanding of the interrelationship among chemical composition, microstructure and mechanical properties of metallic materials
4. Ability to analyse failures of metallic materials independently
5. Familiar with the effects of heat treatment and machining on microstructure and mechanical properties of materials
6. Proficient in general material characterization methods, such as SEM, EDS, OM, XRD, hardness testing, etc.
7. familiar with common chemical problems of materials and tool materials in the field of consumer electronics
8. Verbal communication skills and good teamwork spirit
9. Strong desire for knowledge and excellent learning ability
1. 碩士及以上學歷,金屬材料專業,5年以上材料相關項目經驗
2. 精通消費電子產品材料(鋼鐵、鋁合金、鈦合金等)相關理論知識
3. 對金屬材料化學成分、微觀組織和力學性能間相互關係有深刻的理解
4. 失效分析試驗設計能力
5. 熟悉熱處理、機加工對金屬材料的影響
6. 精通常規金屬材料分析表徵方法,如SEM、EDS、OM、XRD、硬度測試等
7. 熟悉消費電子產品材料和工具材料的常見化學問題
8. 溝通能力和團隊精神
9. 強烈的求知慾和優異的學習能力
1. Coordinate with internal and external resources to analyze the failures of metal fixtures and product materials
2. Independently design and conduct material-related DOE validation and analysis of results
3. Develop cross-process and cross-departmental projects and coordinate with different departments to solve material-related problems in different processes
4. Assist other departments in material-related technologies and solutions
1. 運用内外部資源進行金屬治具、產品材料失效分析
2. 獨立設計、開展材料相關DOE驗證及結果分析
3. 跨製程跨部門開展項目,協調不同部門解決不同製程中出現的材料相關問題
4. 為公司其他部門提供材料相關技術援助和解決方案

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