Event Sales Manager (Chinese) (BB-67BD4)

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§ 具有清晰的销售目标,以业绩为导向。追求经营业绩。

Has clear sales goal, business orientated and result driven.

§ 确保拜访客人的专业性,维护并开发客户。

Ensures professional Sales Calls, maintain and devleop customers.

§ 充分、正确地使用Envision。

To fully and correctly use Envision.

§ 对竞争对手进行密集的调查,对其酒店产品知识有这透彻的了解。

Conducts extensive competitor researches and maintains excellent Product Knowledge of the Hotel.

§ 系统而有效地拜访现有的和潜在的范围之内的客户,把所得的发现和机会整合成报表并上交给会议宴会部总监。

Systematically and efficiently calls on existing and potential clients within location and reports findings and opportunities to the Director of Events.

§ 预先调查并设定主要的公司和政府机关目标,利用宴会的数据库和发展适合而有效的销售策略,从而扩大酒店的市场份额。

Pre-qualifies and targets major Companies and Government Departments, utilising Catering database and develops appropriate and effective sales solicitation strategies to increase hotel’s market share.

§ 通过直接的销售电话接触或书信沟通,维持酒店高度的公众知名度。

Ensures a high level of exposure for hotel through direct sales solicitation of telephone contact and written communications.

§ 专业地进行日常电话销售,寻求并确定新的生意机会。

Professionally conducts routine telemarketing activities to identify new business opportunities.

§ 进行定期的市场调查和竞争对手调查。

Conducts regular Market Surveys and Competitor Researches.

§ 计划并执行对有潜力的公司和政府机关的拜访,开发新的宴会商机。

Plans and makes Sales trips to Companies and Government Departments which is our current and potential clientele to explore into new Catering business opportunities.

§ 有需要时,宴请或带相关公司的代表或政府官员参观酒店。

Entertains and conducts site inspections to relevant Companies representatives / Government officials / delegates whenever required.

§ 建立强大的联系信息库,以便开发关于公司或政府活动/宴会的商机。

Establishes strong contacts to source for information in regards to companies and government functions / events.

§ 根据年度市场营销计划上标明的个人负责区域来执行宴会销售活动计划。

Implements all Events sales action plans related to responsibility areas as outlined in the Marketing plan.

§ 完成每月和年度个人目标和宴会销售预算。

Achieves the monthly and annual personal target and the Events Sales revenue.

§ 与相关的运营部门保持良好的协调和合作关系,确保满足客人的要求和期望。

Liaises and works closely with the related operation departments ensuring guests requests and expectation are being met.

§ 根据凯悦的政策和程序维护酒店全部销售协议、合同和报价的完整记录。

To maintain complete records of all sales agreements, contracts and quotes for the hotel as per Hyatt’s Policies & Procedures.

§ 对于各种形式的客户演示,充分使用正确的影像、演示材料及经批准的销售语。

To fully utilise the correct photography, presentation material and approved selling phrases for all forms of client presentations

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