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结构工程师(结构工程师) (BB-31997)

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1.Develop aircraft structural design, detail stressing analysis, static strength and dynamic strength analysis of the structure开发飞机结构设计,并对结构进行详细的应力分析,静强度及动强度分析
2.Application of finite element method or classic analyzing methods to predict the failure modes of aircraft metallic and composite structure
3.Generate fatigue spectrum from aircraft cycle definition files and loading data and perform fatigue and damage tolerance analysis
4.Use CAD tools as well as other product cycle management tools as requested by the project (Catia, PDM, etc.), develop specific design solutions considering properties for any suitable kind of material advising on the correct material and condition to be used in a particular application. Production of material specifications and data sheets. Knowledge and huge experience and experience of the various technologies associated with Metallic and composites
使用CAD工具以及其他产品周期管理工具 (Catia、PDM等),制定具体的设计方案,考虑任何合适的材料种类的属性,建议在特定的应用中使用正确的材料和条件。制作材料规格和数据表。对与金属和复合材料相关的各种技术有一定的了解和丰富的经验和体会
5.Implement requirements from production, maintenance, etc as regards of tolerance, accessibility, reparability, cost, interchangeability, etc….
6.Able to control and update the different aircraft configurations ensuring clear definition on the product structure through the different versions, models and variants as requested by the program.
7.Lead an engineering team and ensure on-time delievery


1.Bachelor above degree major in mechanical design or aircraft design or metal material or related
2.3-5 years' experience in metallic or composite structure design, aircraft structure design experience will be considered.
3.Knowledge of mechanics for metal and composite; knowledge of stress/strength/life analysis with mechanical structure like cars, ships, a plus in aircraft domain
具备金属及复合材料力学知识; 具有机械结构(如汽车,船舶)应力,强度,寿命分析经验, 航空领域优先
4.A plus in team management experience
5.Good level of English skills in both writing and speaking
6.A plus with good CATIA skills.

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