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Branch Operation Manager (BB-EF6B9)

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About Standard Chartered

We are a leading international bank focused on helping people and companies prosper across Asia, Africa and the Middle East. To us, good performance is about much more than turning a profit. It's about showing how you embody our valued behaviours - do the right thing, better together and never settle - as well as our brand promise, Here for good. We're committed to promoting equality in the workplace and creating an inclusive and flexible culture - one where everyone can realise their full potential and make a positive contribution to our organisation. This in turn helps us to provide better support to our broad client base. Scope of Role:

Support LM in daily work oversight at branch level and be responsible for transaction authorization within authority to ensure the accuracy, completeness and timeliness in transaction process (client transaction, bank internal posting etc), branch administration control, due diligence in SOD (start of day) and EOD (end of day), documentation management in line with bank various standard/DOI/manual where applicable as well as keep high class of service level to our clients during services/transactions handling

职责范围: 协助主管完成所在分支行日常的营运管理工作,同时负责分支行的交易授权工作(授权权限范围内),确保交易过程(包括客户端、银行端账务等)的准确性,完整性和及时性,负责分支行的日常行政管理,履行银行在分支行营运起始、营运中、营运日终的各项业务开展及审核的各项尽职要求,确保文件的合规管理。执行中必须始终遵守并严格按照银行的各项标准/操作流程/操作手册(如适用),同时始终保持高水准的客户服务质量与体验 The Role Responsibilities Business performance 业务表现
  • Support LM to achieve business target through good quality in transaction execution and client centric services
  • Support LM to drive, execute business strategy focus and initiatives for better working efficiency and effectiveness
  • Find service improvement opportunity for better working efficiency and effectiveness
  • 协助主管通过提高所在分支行业务操作的质量,提倡“以客户为中心”的服务理念实现工作目标
  • 协助主管提高所在分支行的工作效率,推进和执行银行重点工作战略计划安排
  • 协助分支行不断发现可以使工作更有效率和成效的提升空间
  • Operations, Conduct and Risk Control 营运操作,行为规范和风险控制
  • Acknowledge and follow bank job rotation policy/procedure that working location will be subject to detail arrangement on due with no objection
  • Perform transaction authorization including system operations, document checking, compliance operations and document management based on bank internal rules/group standard/regulatory requirements, authorized limit and delegation at the bank
  • Work with Senior Teller to manage branch vault cash to ensure physical cash always reconcile with PSGL at any time as well as branch control documents management to ensure physical control documents always reconcile with PSGL at any time in addition to counter daily operations
  • Support LM in execution of all administration control and standard at branch to ensure no execution exceptions
  • Complete regulatory required reporting timely and accurately to ensure the report follows regulatory requirements with no exception
  • Support Line Manager achieve good MCA rating in branch audit
  • Timely escalate any exception observed or detect to LM or concerned channel
  • Adhere to bank Conduct Plan, and all control and assurance mechanisms to comply with all internal and external standards and policies in executions
  • Adhere to laws and regulations, internal risk (including FCC risks as anti-money laundry, sanction, anti-bribery & corruption), compliance policies and the Group Code of Conduct; Well manage client complaints & CDD
  • Maintain and enhance sufficient awareness of operational risk management through training / accreditation as well as uplift the bar of risk control awareness and prioritize risk identification and mitigation in daily operation
  • Contribute to local management team in developing strong relationships with local government and regulators where applicable to enhance the profile of the Bank
  • 知晓并严格执行银行轮岗制度及操作规定,认真执行并服从银行就轮岗做出的通知及安排
  • 负责所在支行根据银行内部准则/集团政策/监管要求,在银行规定的权限范围内进行交易授权,包括系统授权、文件审核、合规操作和文件合规管理等
  • 负责与资深柜员双人管控分支行的现金暂存库,确保实物现金和财务系统总账始终相一致,同时负责重要空白凭证的管理,对每日柜台领用情况进行记帐, 确保重要空白凭证的库存数保持账实相符
  • 负责协助主管对所在分支行执行行政管控,规范操作行为,以确保无执行差错
  • 负责认真履行监管报表的报送,确保报送内容、报送时间均符合监管及银行内部操作要求,没有差错或纰漏
  • 负责协助主管在银行内部审计中取得良好的MCA (management control approach)成绩
  • 及时向主管或其他相关渠道汇报所发现的异常的操作现象或问题
  • 负责促使所在分支行遵守银行的行为规范守则,在执行中始终遵守银行内控及风险管理机制中要求员工执行的内外部各项规定及政策
  • 负责促使所在分支行遵守法律法规,内部风险(包括反洗钱,受制裁,反贿赂和腐败等风险)合规政策和集团行为准则的要求,妥善处理客户投诉及客户尽职调查
  • 负责协助所在分支行员工通过内部培训以及相关培训测试,不断增强运营风险管理意识,提升风险管控意识,在日常运营中及时发现异常情况并减少潜在风险
  • 协助当地管理团队配合当地政府及监管机构工作,建立紧密关系,提升银行的形象
  • Client Centric Services in Operations 贯彻“以客户为中心”的服务理念
  • Embed client centric mind in daily operation as well as to maintain up best in class front-line service
  • Continue to advocate human banker and client centric service mindset in service staff for enriching internal and external customer experience
  • Achieve client satisfaction in daily branch services and operations
  • Build SCB a great place to work
  • 负责促进所在分支行在日常工作中始终倡导“以客户为中心”的服务理念,给客户提供最优质的服务
  • 负责促进所在分支行在服务中始终秉承“以人为本,以客户为中心”的服务理念,保持并提升内外部客户的服务体验
  • 负责促进所在分支行在分支行日常对外服务中,始终以客户满意为服务宗旨
  • 负责协助所在分支行始终立志于共同将渣打银行构建成为一个使员工和客户都喜欢的公司
  • Self Development 自我发展与提升
  • Actively participate in various campaigns related to service team and achieve the target
  • Develop multi-product knowledge and job skills to support different segments and sales channels
  • Complete new joiner training program if new to the position (new hire or internal transfer) base on bank policy, and pass all required assessment by training timeline
  • 积极参与完成银行安排的各项培训项目,主动学习银行内部流程/操作手册以及当地法规
  • 积极参与与服务团队相关的各项竞赛活动并达到预期目标
  • 深入学习银行各产品知识及职业技能,确保业务及产品知识可以支持不同业务线发展需要
  • 根据银行政策完成新入职人员(新员工或内部调动)的培训计划,并在要求时间内通过所有评估测试
  • Customer Right Protection 消费者权益保护
  • Fully understand the importance of Consumer Rights Protection, prevent damage to consumers’ best interest
  • Implement regulatory requirements related to Consumer Rights Protection, ensure to complete relevant trainings
  • Always embed Consumer Rights Protection mindset when performing daily work
  • 在日常营运工作中,负责促进所在分支行员工充分理解保护消费者权益的重要性,防止损害消费者的利益
  • 在日常营运工作中,负责促进所在分支行员工始终遵守与消费者权益保护相关的法规要求,且确保完成相关培训
  • 在日常营运工作中,负责促进所在分支行员工始终谨记以保护消费者权益为基础执行工作
  • Our Ideal Candidate
  • A university degree with 3-4 years of related banking experience with cash handling skills and knowledge prevails
  • Solid knowledge of bank products and services and banking procedures, equities markets, unit trusts and other personal investment services
  • A team player who shows initiative and assertiveness
  • Self-motivator who is keen to upgrade, improve personal knowledge and skills to meet job requirements
  • Good command of both spoken and written English and Mandarin
  • 大学本科学历,3-4年银行工作相关经验优先考虑,具备现金业务的知识和操作能力
  • 熟悉银行产品、营运及服务要求、理财保险产品
  • 具有良好的团队合作精神、主动坚定
  • 有上进心,自我激励,不断提高知识储备和技巧,以满足工作要求
  • 具有良好的中英文写作和口语能力
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