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1 year ago


Lyon Brave · I do not teach with some idea that a movie like Coach Carter is going to be made about me or that I am going to be making a huge impact in the world.  · The surprise about teaching is you do make an impact in the world if you are a teacher whether that is your goal or not and tha ...

1 year ago

Word of the Day Discern: What does it mean? We Need to Listen to Our Angel Voice!

Lyon Brave · Hello, · It is always a wonderful idea to expand our vocabulary so we can be more articulate and understand the world better. In fact what we can understand about the world is limited to our language. The more words we know, the more our minds expand.  · Learning one new word a d ...

3 years ago


Lyon Brave · Society rejecting you isn’t the thing that is going to hurt you the most in this life. Rejecting yourself is what is going to kill you in this world. The only way to live is to accept who you are no matter how weird, different or amazingly handsome that might BE.

3 years ago

Millennial's You Need to Be A Lion In This World by (Lyon Brave)

Lyon Brave · Why is it important to be a lion?  · A lion stands out and is the king of the jungle for it's strength. It takes strength to be a lion. It takes strength to be a king? Maybe other predators in the jungle even stay away from you because they consider you a threat. Zebras don't han ...

4 years ago

How to Stop Hiding From Your Story

Lyon Brave · After living a life of hardship and adversity, we start to forget the light within us and hide in the shadows. Dwelling in darkness is the worse thing you can do to yourself, society and your friends. After experiencing something dramatic, it’s natural to want to withdraw for awh ...

4 years ago

The Curator

Dean Owen · Boasting only a peripheral curiosity, I graciously accepted an invitation to a pop up exhibition at the Shanghai World Financial Center. I was thinking about dinner anyway and it had been a while since I had those juicy crabmeat soup dumplings at Din Tai Fung on the third floor. ...

4 years ago

A Tale of Two Distilleries

Dean Owen · Hibiki, Yoichi, Hakushu, Yamazaki, Taketsuru; words that are often whispered over dark oak counters. These are some of the finest whiskies in the World, and yes, they are Japanese. · Many of you may not have heard of them. Some of you might be familiar with a few. Hibiki was act ...

4 years ago


Lyon Brave · I was hanging out with a friend’s sister one time, and the sister’s husband declared that their three year old daughter would grow up to be a stripper. He wasn’t making a joke when he said this. He said, it like it was scientific fact. When I was in Thailand, I heard many mother’ ...

4 years ago


Lyon Brave · There is something extraordinary about the way children view the world that adults could learn from them. Obviously, children can learn from adults too. A child cannot understand what it is like to put food on the table, or how hard it must be sometimes for their parents to leave ...

4 years ago

Why People Making Fun of You Will Help You Rule the World by Lyon Brave

Lyon Brave ·  “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won ...

5 years ago

Come Ducking!

Dean Owen · Once a week we would do lunch at one of a handful of Chinese restaurants in London that were family favourites. It was good stuff - with chef immigrants mostly from Hong Kong offering Cantonese delicacies like Dim Sum, Congee, Sweet and Sour Pork, Chow Mein and the likes. · I co ...

5 years ago

A Gift to the World’s Fastest Man!

Dean Owen · On 14th October, 2012, a man teetered at the edge of space before jumping from his craft and plummeting, freefall, towards a very hard earth at an incredible Mach 1.25. This man was Austrian skydiver Felix Baumgartner. · Just over one hundred years earlier, French aviator Louis ...

5 years ago

Putting Spain on the Map

Dean Owen · Spain – Once an Empire amongst Empires with a reach that extended from South America to the Philippines. Their economic might now relegated to a respectable 14th place in the World. · Take a moment and consider this. · What we are witnessing, first hand, are the early stages of ...

5 years ago

Forever Grateful - Forever Music

Dean Owen · Inspired by a post by Lorena Negrete on Street Performers, I thought we'd take a little trip around the World in gratitude for all the artists who make this World a better place. Their music unites us, and for one moment, we forget work stress, we forget war, terrorism, hatred, p ...

5 years ago

Hometown Boy - London

Dean Owen · Well it’s the weekend so I thought I would share my hometown with you. · I spent the first 22 years of my life in London before moving to Asia in 1989. I don’t very often go back. Using Asia as a base to explore the World is kind of ideal, but once in a while it’s good to go back ...

5 years ago

Disappointing Kennedy

Dean Owen · President Obama’s last day in office will be on January 20th, 2017. · For all his successes and failures as the “Leader of the Free World”, I can’t help but feel a sense of missed opportunity. · As an outsider, I see a nation divided. Social media posts on the Presidential race ...

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