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1 year ago

My Nephew Decided He Was Going to Dropout of School & Become A Rapper: (Career Rap or Basketball)?

Lyon Brave · I have wonderful news!!!! · My nephew decided he was going to dropout of school and become a rapper, but not just any rapper a rapper rapper. · He is going to be the next 69 and he does not need a high school education and certainly not a college education. · Though my nephews fi ...

1 year ago


Lyon Brave · I do not teach with some idea that a movie like Coach Carter is going to be made about me or that I am going to be making a huge impact in the world.  · The surprise about teaching is you do make an impact in the world if you are a teacher whether that is your goal or not and tha ...

4 years ago


Lyon Brave · People used to become lawyers to make really good money (cough) I mean JUSTICE. · Okay let's be honest, lawyers got a bad reputation. People say their lot is corrupt and greedy and i am sure some of them are, but I am sure a lot of them did become lawyers to uphold their ideas. H ...

4 years ago


Lyon Brave · Everyone peer pressures us to go to college. The never ending hallway of education is a conveyor belt we get put on at a young age.It steals our time and robs us from our lives. We look at books all day and literally start to develop tunnel vision as our backs contort to the shap ...

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