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4 years ago


Lyon Brave · Most people want an economically sound living. What that means to us Americans, not only do we have big fancy houses and cars but we have money saved in the bank and money to go on vacation. To do that you need at least 50k a year. Being a cop starts out at 42,000 and is 52,000 i ...

4 years ago

Are You On Line?

Dean Owen · Meet Choco, Cony, and Sally. · These are the signature sticker characters of a mobile messenger app that you may not have heard of. But with over 600 million users and 217 million active users globally, it is perhaps time to take notice. · You will start seeing these characters ...

4 years ago

The Longboat into Darkness

Dean Owen · I spent most of the nineties either on the phone surrounded by a plethora of trading screens, or out entertaining “Big Swinging Dicks” · “If he could make millions of dollars come out of these phones, he became that most revered of all species: a Big Swinging Dick” · (Source “L ...

4 years ago

Falling Short in Bermuda

Dean Owen · It’s not often that one gets an all expenses paid trip to Bermuda. In actual fact my proposition was that, since our Global offsite was going to be in New York this year, why don’t I take the opportunity to visit that juicy hedge fund client of ours in Bermuda? They bought it hoo ...

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