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1 year ago

Walking With God: If I Weren't A Christian, Being Gay Would of Killed Me

Lyon Brave · I have spent a lot of my life rejecting aspects of the most beautiful parts of myself because of the world.  · The way I use the world is in a biblical sense meaning the ungodly parts of the world.  · Some of the beautiful parts I have been rejecting about myself are that I am a ...

4 years ago


Lyon Brave · This could be a big problem. Nobody wants to date a religious freak. Not to mention dating a religious person means you probably won’t get laid to the wedding night, which might be fine for you if you are a religious fanatic as well. · You know you are dating a religious freak i ...

4 years ago


Lyon Brave · If I am to strip my faith naked and not worry about the judgment of my friends and family, I am an ATHEIST. Oddly, I feel a little afraid to say this, like god will pop out and say BOO, or my big brother will lecture me. I have been an atheist since I was a child. In childhood, I ...

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