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Group to discuss Aluminium, zinc, and magenisum die casting process, mold building, and manufacturering. and so on.
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Die Casting Factory for Aluminium | Zinc | Magenisum

Oeform Die Casting Company is privately-held, and specializes in high pressure aluminum die casting, miniature zinc die casting, secondary finishing and finished assemblies.

The company has been in business for over 15 years, beginning as a tool and die shop and transforming over the years into a respected, finished goods supplier.

Computer technology is common throughout the plant, starting with integrated management information systems, engineering design, die cast set up, analysis, and production.

high speed zinc alloy die casting machine(muti-slider Machine)                      10 sets
Horizontal zinc alloy die-casting machine(Hot chamber die casting Machine)   5 sets
aluminium alloy die casting Machine(cold chamber die casting)                      10sets

Oeform Die Casting Company also has the capacity to add value to the die castings. handle machining, cleaning, assembly and pressure testing. Oeform prides itself with the ability to provide finished goods to our customers.

Our Vision for the future is to appear as an extension of our customers’ development and manufacturing groups. To understand our customers businesses and develop the necessary capabilities to service their needs as they relate to the commodities we support.

Our die casting parts widely used on phone, Auto, Connector, Medical Equipment and Consumer Electronic


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