Qapin Suzhou Co Ltd

Qapin Suzhou Co Ltd

Jiangsusheng Shezhu Nongchang Yizhongdui, 安徽

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engineering Freelancer

About me:

With Qapin, Inspection agencies can create a profile that highlights industries for which they work, specialized  accreditation and approvals, and all relevant certifications. Thanks to our easy-to-use filter system, clients will be able  to find the services you offer at the click of a button.


Qapin’s powerful advanced search engine enables you to find a qualified inspector with the relevant experience and professional qualifications. In addition, you can find a professional who is local to the area where the inspection is to be performed.As a result, your freelancer doesn’t lose valuable time traveling and dealing with the associated expense and inconvenience.


The Qapin platform includes a management system with a free messaging platform. You can message the freelancer and share documents as often as you need, and you’ll be notified of their response in real-time

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