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About me:

EZ SOLUTIONS CO., LTD, as the name suggests, is a company specialized in supplying easy solutions to customers. For the departments of pet products, we mainly supply all kinds of cat litter to customers who are eager solve the problems of cats’ hygiene. In accordance with this idea, all our cat litter is safe to both to cats and cats’ owners firstly. At the same time, our production process is very strict and follows the international protocol. 


Up until now, we have three production bases. For bentonite production base, we have our own bentonite mines. Yearly production of bentonite cat litter is more than 100,000 tons. For pine wood cat litter bases, we have stable supply of raw material. Yearly production of pine wood cat litter is more than 10,000 tons. For tofu cat litter production base, we use the best pea fiber to guarantee the stable quality. Yearly production of tofu cat litter is more than 6,000 tons. 


All production bases of the three sorts of cat litter are near to the raw material which can lower the transportation cost of raw material to the extreme. It’s better to transport finished products instead of raw material. 

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