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Huatai Industrial (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of various rubber seals, cylinders, cylinder seals, mechanical seals, rubber molds, hardware and other products. Our products use imported rubber compounds, such as NBR-JSR-BAYER, EP35/EP48 EPDM rubber, 601/2602 fluorine rubber, silica gel and well-known domestic brands. Our factory specializes in the production of various rubber seals such as Y-rings, dust-proof rings, buffer rings, filter press diaphragms, filter press diaphragm filter plates, O-rings, etc. In order to provide customers with a full set of rubber seals such as thin steel cylinders and standard steel cylinders, we can also customize, process and produce the required products according to drawings or special specifications of rubber seals to ensure reliable quality and performance.. Our factory has passed ISO9001: 2000 international quality system certification, complete product varieties and specifications, reliable quality and reliable performance. In line with the business tenet of "seeking the market by quality, and seeking development by the market", we will continue to innovate and improve, and produce more and more new rubber seals to serve our customers. Continuous innovation is our future! Huatai Industrial (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. will advance with the times and work with you for a win-win situation!


Diaphragm filter press, also known as diaphragm filter press, is a filter press with an elastic membrane installed between the filter plate and the filter cloth. During use, when the feeding is finished, high-pressure fluid or gaseous medium can be injected into the diaphragm plate. At this time, the entire diaphragm will bulge and press the filter cake, and further dehydration of the filter cake is realized, which is usually called squeeze filtration.


For different diaphragm materials, the new generation of diaphragm filter presses can be divided into rubber diaphragm type and polymer elastomer diaphragm type diaphragm filter press.
The rubber diaphragm filter press is ideal for filtering materials that are weak acids, weak bases, and non-organic solvents. The rubber diaphragm filter press has changed the shortcomings of the past split and fixed type to save energy consumption after feeding. The new design makes the rubber diaphragm tympanic membrane more sufficient, and the pressure and air volume used are relatively small. In the case of the same air source and air volume, the rubber diaphragm The tympanic membrane is three times that of the polymer diaphragm tympanic membrane, which can greatly reduce energy consumption.
The polymer elastomer diaphragm filter press is used in strong acid, strong alkali and organic solvent materials, and its performance is relatively more ideal and its service life is longer. Its pressing form is divided into gas (air) pressing and liquid (water) pressing, which can meet the needs of different industries. According to customer needs, the pressing components can be configured with food grade and ordinary grade, and the control can adopt PLC and man-machine interface. For general materials, the diaphragm and tympanic membrane can fully play the role of squeezing dehydration after 3-15 minutes. For some special materials, a staged squeezing method of first low-pressure squeezing followed by high-pressure squeezing can also be used.
Diaphragm filter press realizes the high-efficiency dehydration filtration process, and can guarantee the best filtering effect of the filter press, greatly reducing the moisture content of the filter cake. After the feeding process is over, the filter cake is pressed to improve the dehydration efficiency of the whole machine, increase the dryness of the filter cake, reduce pollution and reduce labor, and even eliminate the drying process in some processes.

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